Houston, we have liftoff.

February 13, 2009

I seem to have unintentionally started a new blog… again. This is rather consistent with my m/o of having at least fifteen projects going at any one time and almost never finishing more than three of them – ever. This time, this is not the result of any intellectual caprice (though it certainly could be), but rather of a computer error.

See, I bought a .mac account to make my life easier. I need to have some kind of “real” website to show people who ask about my artistic portfolio (both of them!). Every picture I’ve taken in the past three years and also every collage I have ever made are available on Flickr, but that isn’t terribly professional and it takes so long to rattle off the URL that people’s eyes glaze over and they’re not likely to ever actual visit the site. My name as a domain is remarkably easy to remember, that is, if you can remember how to spell my name. (Even my partner has problems with my last name. If you’re not familiar with Scandinavian names, it can be difficult to figure out where that “h” goes.) So, I thought it would make my life easier to merge my previous wordpress blogs into blogs off of the new site. iWeb does indeed make this remarkably simple, to keep multiple blogs as subpages of one site. I like iWeb. I really do. It’s pretty and it’s so simple that a dog could use it, which is good because that’s the level I’m at with web design. 

Problem is, I don’t like the iWeb interface for blogging. I don’t like the separate entry page/overview/archive set-up they have and the issues I had with getting images to show up properly on the entry page were, in medical terms, TNTC. (Too numerous to count.) So, yes, very easy to type up something, include *one* image and publish it with it being auto-archived. I had hoped to simply install WordPress, but the only way I could do that was with something called “SQL” – which I am totally convinced stands for “squirrel” which should in and of itself explain why I wasn’t going to do it. I’m pretty laidback, so eff it, I’d stick with iWeb. Though I blame my longing for the good ol’ plain WordPress text box for my inability to properly update it. That and – I’ll admit it – I’ve been distracted by watching The West Wing as if it were my job. Holy hell is that quality programming. I’m only sorry I didn’t get into it when it first aired, though watching it without having to wait weeks between episodes is probably best for my sanity. 

Anyhow. Last weekend, my partner decided he’d had enough of our computing set up – one MacPro, one MacBook. All of my web-stuff was on the MacPro. So, I put all of my files on a nice portable harddrive (it’s purty. It’s red. So it goes faster.) and figured that as with my mail account, my address book, and my Safari bookmarks, my iWeb pages had been synced with .me and all was well. He bought a new MacBookPro (which is the most beautiful piece of technology I’ve ever laid eyes on) and I inherited the MacBook. I went to fire up iWeb today for the first time on the laptop to fix something minor and no. Nothing was synced and there was no way to import the old files. 

I’m just using this as a nice opportunity for a clean slate. One blog to rule them all. What you can expect here, in order of likelihood: Photos. Collages. Information about any kind of artist in any media that I enjoy. Octopi. Thoughts on Buddhism. Thoughts on child development. Thoughts on my life. It’s like a smorgasbord. At one point, I thought that these things should be compartmentalized. Of course, at one point I also thought that getting that horrible “space” background for my school pictures was a good idea, so I can never really pinpoint what I was thinking. 



3 Responses to “Houston, we have liftoff.”

  1. lis Says:

    you have been added to my rss-feed!

  2. I’ll be sure to change your link when I get back from the reenactment this weekend! I did a similar thing with my blog – I previously had so many separate blogs that they were hard to keep track of. I ended up deciding to just combine them all into one, and use a couple categories to separate the previous blogs into readable selections – all my Korea posts, personal posts, photos, reenacting, etc. It works well.

    • redsonika Says:

      Yeah, I tried to do that with iWeb and as mentioned (in more detail than anyone ever needed), it just didn’t work. I think this is a better solution.

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