It’s a jolly holiday.

February 13, 2009

These chimneys in my neighborhood always remind me of Mary Poppins, with Bert the happy chimney sweep. I have to say that I never really liked that movie when I was a kid. I didn’t get why everyone was so fond of Mary, she was kind of mean: telling everyone to stop laughing and whatnot. Didn’t seem like much of a “jolly holiday” to me. What really bothered me, even as an eight year old, was Bert. I thought he was a dilletante who needed to settle down and get a real job.  Score one for being raised with a Puritan work ethic, I guess.

Also, I got a Valentine card from my mama today. Hal-Mark now makes cards “To My Daughter and Her Boyfriend.” Man, that’s irritatingly specific. But hey, I guess it works because my mom is just the sort of sucker to pay $3 for an annoyingly specific card. (Hi, mom!)


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