Winter in Boston.

February 13, 2009

Beautiful, n’est ce pas? 

I keep trying to look up and remind myself of winter’s beauty, because the reality of it on the ground is really getting me down. I’ve grown up in New England, lived in Iceland, and this is really the first time that winter has made me feel totally emotionally gutted by mid-February. Boston’s the biggest place I’ve ever lived and there’s something about winter in the big city that just slays me. These photos were taken hours after a fresh snowfall – all the snow around here right now is filthy. Totally filthy. It’s literally black. The sidewalks are death traps – totally covered in ice where snow melt has been met with neglect. (Honestly, there are times when I would like to walk down the street with a shaker of table salt just to do *something* about the ice.) When it has snowed recently, the sidewalks are full of slush, which you’re likely to get sprayed in your face by oncoming vehicles. I can only imagine what hell it must be to try and park. 

I didn’t mind winter so much in Iceland, where there are two seasons – light, and dark – or in Vermont where the snow accumulation has been known to go above my head – sometimes by several feet. Something about being able to be outside, despite the weather, helped. Sure, I could be outside in Boston, but it’s just a thousand times harder to do so than it was back in November. 

This winter has, unfortunately, really soured me on Boston. I’d happily live here for the rest of my life… if it would never snow again. Since the latter isn’t going to happen, the former probably won’t either.


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