My Funny Valentine.

February 14, 2009

Ok, well, it’s not exactly “funny,” but y’know, it’s a great song to reference. (I particularly enjoy the Matt Damon version on the Talented Mr. Ripley soundtrack. Also, fun fact, I used to sing that song to my dog. Yes, I’m one of those people who sings to pets.) Anyhow, Schmoopette made this Valentine in art class on Wednesday and I asked to keep it because it’s just so wonderfully cute. She’s really great with collage for a 2 1/2 yr. old; very precise about where she wants to put the paper, very thoughtful. She’s got an artistic mind, I can see it already. 

So, I have a lovely Valentine from my Schmoopette, a sappy card from my mama, and my wonderful partner took me on a shopping trip to H&M. Hurrah! A wonderful day. Much better than the Valentines of my childhood – for sixteen consecutive years, I spent Valentine’s day with the stomach flu. Everyone gets sick in mid-February in New England, and I just happened to be very consistent with my illnesses. I was also that kid who always got sick when there was no school to stay home *from.* 

I’m going to head out and continue to enjoy my evening watching Downfall. Yeah, a movie about Hitler’s last days isn’t terribly romantic (well… it was also his honeymoon…), but with my academic fascination with the Shoah, a good Holocaust related movie is a sure way to my heart. I took a class on Art & The Holocaust in college, it was the most wonderful and most difficult (in every way) class I’ve ever taken. Anyway, one time while doing my homework I remarked “Man, the Holocaust just isn’t as funny as it used to be.” There were a lot of great moments involving my homework for that class: “Could you guys be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate on genocide.”


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