More popular than Jesus AND the Beatles.

February 21, 2009

I’ve joked about “accepting Barack Obama as your personal Lord and Savior,” but I guess this isn’t far from the truth. In a new poll, Obama comes out on top of a list of who Americans count as their “heroes.”

What made me actually LOL on this list is the sad fact that G-d has fallen to number eleven on the list, between Hillary Clinton and Mother Theresa. Not only do I think that “G-d” (whoever s/he might be) should be higher on the list, but Mother Teresa and Hillary Clinton? Mother Teresa is certainly heroic, but Hillary? I guess the first woman to nearly achieve the Democratic nomination for the Presidency is kind of heroic, but I’m a little cynical about Hillary. 

Now, if it had BILL Clinton polling within two spots of Mother Teresa, I’d understand that. The man’s a rockstar.

Still, I think “G-d” deserves more credit. The dude(ette) inhabits every atom of the universe! Is omnipotence not heroic? (Yeah, as a Buddhist, my idea of G-d is way more “omnipresent spirit” and less “plagues of Egypt” but still.)

Who would I count as a hero? Marie Curie. First person to be awarded two Nobel prizes. Died as a result of her research. Now THAT’S dedication. And feminism in action. The first PERSON to win two Nobel prizes was a woman. Kickass! Also, yeah, I’m going to be a cliché and go with Gandhi. How can you not like Gandhi?


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