The “community” part of internet community.

February 22, 2009

I went to a MetaFilter meet-up yesterday in Cambridge. It was pretty awesome. I’ve logged in a considerable number of hours on this site in the past four years and it’s pretty great to put some faces to the names on the page. 

My ex-husband introduced me to MeFi and I fully intended to allow him “custody” after the divorce, but a few users commented on my absence and I was dragged back in. Not that I really mind. There are certainly users whose posts inspire me or illuminate me.  I have been introduced to any number of things I never would have found on my own, and have participated in many a heated debate and may (or may not) have had my mind changed – though I’ve always had my positions challenged. 

In short, I love that weird blue website and all who post there. It’s much, much more than just a collection of links and injokes about pancakes.


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