Better late than never!

February 27, 2009

It’s been an intense week. 

This photo is my mama, me, and my Daddy Bill on Easter, 1985. Look how blonde I used to be! Anyhow, the point of this is that this is my childhood family. These are the parents that tucked me into bed at night, made me eat my vegetables, came to my Little League games even though I spent most of them lying down in right field, etc. My daddy in this photo might not be the one who donated my chromosomes, but he is the guy who throughout my childhood was “Daddy” – the one I came home to after visiting “Daddy Steve” on the weekends. 

To make a really long story, he and my mom divorced. Yeah, kind of saw that coming. He was still a huge part of my life for a while, and then he moved to California, where he became more of a peripheral part of my life. About ten years ago, he remarried and cut off contact with me. It was perhaps the most devastating event of my life. Every day of those ten years, I’ve thought of him. I’ve had constant dreams where he comes back into my life.

And Sunday, those dreams came true. Out of nowhere, I got a FaceBook message from him. FaceBook of all things! I suppose I could be angry that it took ten years to get this message, but I really don’t care about that. If this time was necessary, so be it. I’m just overjoyed to have my daddy back in my life again. That’s not to say that the emotions this week haven’t been totally overwhelming at times. It feels like a new life, honestly. I feel like a hole has been mended, an immense burden lifted – the sort of thing where you don’t know how bad you felt until it was gone. 

I’m going out to Indiana, where he’s living now, to see him in April. Oh, messy thrilling life.

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