Coming out of hibernation!

March 17, 2009

I have rediscovered my camera! Or rather, I have rediscovered walking outside without sixteen layers and boots. It’s still March in New England, which means that I’m merely down to twelve layers, but it’s a vast improvement. I will say that my first winter with a fancy DSLR, not only was I totally uninspired (yeah, I get it, it’s snowy. That white stuff gets OLD.), but I developed a very paranoid fear that I would fall down on the ice ON TOP OF THE CAMERA. Thank Dog this never happened, but mostly that’s due to the hyper-vigilance I asserted in not ever taking the camera out in the ice ever. Also, it’s just logistically a pain to carry a camera bag on top of all my layers and then have to take my mittens off to hold the thing. Brrrr. 

So, yes. Took my camera to work with me today and I think it’s going to be a good spring for me and Bourbon. (Yes, my camera is named after booze. It’s a tradition. Started for reasons beyond my own understanding, my first digicam was named Vodka… then came Scotch… and now Bourbon.) I’ve also re-discovered EDITING my photos, and while iPhoto is not nearly as awesome as Photoshop, it does a hell of a lot more than I originally gave it credit for. Especially awesome is “straighten” since I can’t seem to hold the camera straight. Or maybe my head is just bent 15degrees to the left. 

So, photos of various and sundry miscellany to follow. For now, another sign of spring: CROCUSES. CROCI. WHATEVER YOU CALL ‘EM!


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