What a long, strange Schmoop it’s been.

June 25, 2009

Yesterday was my last day with the Schmoops – what a sad and surreal day; sad in its finality, surreal in its normality. Nothing was out of the ordinary – it was rainy, so Schmoopette watched a movie in the morning. Then we colored together, she played with her baby dolls, took a nap, ate some snacks, and we picked Schmoopelina up from school. The only “special” thing was Schmoopelina’s brand-new sketchbook and pencils that I bought her as a good-bye present. (I also bought Make Way for Ducklings for Schmoopette since she’ll be in the “duckling” class in preschool, but that was greeted with “Oh, too bad we already have that.” GEE, YR WELCOME.) It was a very, very good year and I knew I had done the best job that I could when I heard Schmoopelina say the following sentence: “She’s the prince.” Oh hooray for subverting the gender binary!

It is so hard to get to the end of a cycle. Childcare is difficult because children have this nasty habit of growing up. What’s with that?! My Schmoops truly don’t need me anymore. My job as Mary Poppins is to make myself indispensable while simultaneously rendering myself obsolete, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to leave when I’m done. Even Mary Poppins has a pang of sadness in her eyes when she floats back up to the sky. I hope to see the girls again sometime, but in the meantime, it will take some time before I stop missing Schmoopette coming up to me and meowing when she wants a cuddle or Schmoopelina’s insistence that she’d rather draw than go to the park. 

There have been so many adorably wonderful Schmoop moments this year. It’s been a big, big year for Schmoopette. She didn’t talk at all when I started, and now she babbles on and on and on. Some of her words are still a bit garbled, but we have entire sentences (including my favorite: “Where’s daddy’s poopies?”)! She can use the potty ALL. BY. HERSELF. She’s gone from a little kid into a BIG kid. And I do mean big. She’s the tallest three year old in the whole world, I swear. Rather than reminiscing about every milestone, I’m just going to share this one moment from my personal journal: 

I was giving Schmoopette some yogurt for a snack – she had very nicely said “please” when she asked, and when I handed it to her, I asked if she could say “thank you.” She looked up at me, smiled, and very distinctly said “Elmo!” 

Close enough

Thank you, Schmoops, for sharing this year with me. No matter what you, Schmoopelina, may think, I’m never going to forget you. 


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