Leaving on a Jet Plane.

June 30, 2009


Logan International Foolishness. 2006.

After moving and unpacking all of the boxes in my house, I’ve packed my suitcase and I’m headed for Portugal! As you may or may not know, my partner is Portuguese and this is my first time back with him to the home-country. I’ve met his parents before when they’ve visited the states – in fact, we all had a big happy family Christmas together with my parents – but this is my first time seeing them in their “natural habitat,” and also my first time meeting his alleged brother, of whom I have seen exactly one photo. Super exciting!

It’s also my first time traveling internationally to some place NOT Iceland in six years. That in and of itself is thrilling. We’re flying through Madrid, but I don’t think a 4 hr. layover will be sufficient for me to count Spain in the list of countries where I’ve “been.” (Just like I don’t count Belgium even though I’ve driven through it twice – I only got out of the car long enough to pee. It only takes five hours to drive through Belgium.) (Oh, the list: Canada, Iceland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Denmark.) As you can see from the list, this is also my first time going on vacation somewhere WARM. I can hardly believe this is true. I packed a sweater just in case as I can hardly believe that heat is a fact of life in some places. New England has its hot days, for sure, but in general you can say that “Summer this year came on a Thursday.” 

Fun fact: I put up with it well and hardly complain, but I do not enjoy winter. And yet, I have no plans of moving any further south than I already am. Those Scandinavian genes for making oneself totally miserable definitely run deep.

So, yes, I’m going to Portugal! And I’m super excited! I’ll take tons of photos and maybe, someday, I’ll even upload them. Until then, I’ll be radio-silent while I do more important things than blog. Like read the six hundred books I packed. And apply massive quantities of sunscreen. 


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