I’m updating FROM PORTUGAL!

July 2, 2009


Photo by Flickr user victor_nuno

Not only do I have internet access here in Lisbon, but there are as many internet-accessible computers as people in this house. Who knew? There’s also a big bag of cherries that I am going to attack as soon as I’m done posting this, because really, while I have internet access and want to keep up with such important things as Facebook, I don’t really feel like spending my time tied to the tubes being as I’m IN PORTUGAL.

Lisbon is amazing, amazingly beautiful. Just flying over the city was astounding. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting to be totally, totally blown away. I haven’t done much exploring yet – that will come later today – but what I have seen is just amazing. I can see the aqueduct (there’s an aqueduct!) from the window here. And there are 10 bazillion palm trees, which is very exotic to this native of Frozen Northlands.

It’s also very exotic to me that I’m TALL here. I’m 5’5″, which is average in the u-SOFA. When I traveled in Iceland, I was short. In Germany as well, I was on the shorter side of average. Here? I’m TALL. And I mean REALLY TALL. I’m taller than nearly all of the women I’ve met so far and on part with quite a few Portuguese men. I’m also extremely pale, but that one I was expecting. Unless there are some albinos running around, I might be the palest person currently in the entire country of Portugal.

I’m really impressed with myself that I slept the entire night last night, and at normal night-time hours for this time zone! I still feel quite sleepy as my body (and this laptop) thinks that it’s only 545A, but I’m going to try to resist the urge to nap until I’ve at least conquered the bowl of cherries. I will kick jet-lag’s ass, oh yes.

I will also not spend my entire vacation on the computer, though I will doubtlessly update again.


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