Le Petit Dejeuner.

July 18, 2009

What’s this? NEW WORK? Ye G-ds, it’s been eons. I don’t want to talk about exactly how long it had been since I picked up the x-acto to do something *other* than decorate a journal cover (though I guess that’s better than nothing, and I have used two journals in the past six months)… which, of course, leads to the question: Was I in unable to do art this winter because I was in kind of a funk, or was I in a bit of a funk because I wasn’t doing art?

Now it’s summer, and I’ve moved and traveled and I guess all of that is inspiring, or at least forcibly shook me out of my rut. I find that my physical space really, REALLY affects my ability to work and the work space I have here in Providence is way better for my vibes than the space I had in Boston, though this seems a bit counterintuitive. In Boston, I was in a nice big window with lots of light, looking out into the street (and it was a gorgeous street full of old gaslights and brownstones), and here in Providence, I’m in a corner with a window… but the window just looks out onto an industrial roof. I like small spaces and my best work has been done in areas with no windows at all – my studio at Hampshire, my attic room up in Vermont – neither of my workspaces in Iceland had windows. Sounds silly, but I don’t like working with a big window because I feel like the outside world is then looking *in* on me.

Anyhow, I did this piece yesterday while I was working on a mix CD. I don’t have internet access at home and just started coloring the Frank Lloyd Wright drawing (yeah, that’s hand-colored with acid-free markers) and two and a half hours later… I kind realized that even though I hadn’t sat down with any specific intent, I had actually PRODUCED WORK!

I guess I need to make more mix CDs. Or never get internet access at home, though not having it is really putting a cramp in my style – mostly because I’m actively job-searching at the moment and not having immediate ability to access my email/search for new postings is more than a little aggravating. In any case, hopefully developing some “casual” work habits while I’m forcibly offline will help me keep them up once the line comes back on again.

Of course, in an ideal world, I’d leave the house to make art in an actual studio with a big stereo and lots of books and I’d just walk in and turn on the stereo and see what happened. It’s how I worked at Hampshire and how I’ve worked in the past at home. I guess this isn’t too different from making mix CDs… except for the cats trying “help” me and the boyfriend who wants to know why it is that I don’t feel like talking to him and is it ok if he starts playing ABBA’s greatest hits?


2 Responses to “Le Petit Dejeuner.”

  1. I really like this one.

    • Sonja Says:

      Thnx! It’s definitely for sale if you wants it.

      (I really, really like it better when my art lives not stuffed in my portfolio! It deserves to run free!)

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