Order of the Peacock

July 19, 2009

More art! If I keep this up, I might even be able to call myself an “artist” without wanting to poke my eye out with my foot. (On second thought… that will probably never happen.)

Also, more on the “vibes” I was thinking about re: Boston v. Providence work-space: The city of Boston in and of itself is not conducive to artwork. I was in Boston last night for the MetaFilter 10th Anniversary MeetUp (which may get its own post, if I can stay awake long enough to write it…I’m still groggy from 3hrs. on train, meet-up, and my one glass of celebratory red wine – I am such an old man), and walking around Back Bay, I kept thinking “Damn, I can’t believe I lived here.” And not in the sort of “ZOMG!” way that I get looking at photos of Iceland and thinking “Damn! I can’t believe I lived there!”

I absolutely can not believe I withstood a year of living a mere 2 blocks from Newbury St. where I could walk past Cartier on my way home from the T. I tried to like Boston, but I’ve never, ever liked Boston and the stuffy academic atmosphere not only killed my artistic libido (for lack of a better term), but it kind of squashed my entire soul a little bit. I lived in tourist central – three houses down from the park with the swan boats – and I quickly discovered that the type of person who decides that they want to go on vacation to Boston is not the type of person that I would normally hang out with.

Being back in Providence, I don’t walk past Cartier on my way home from anything. I actually pass two strip clubs walking home from the mall. And I really, truly prefer it. Providence is weird and loud, just how I like it. I love seeing the “art fags’ (Note: to those unfamiliar with this term, it has nothing to do with homosexuality, and refers to a specific wanky/emo type of art-student/former-art-student who is likely to be wearing skinny jeans and Converse, but is not a “hipster”) walking down the street. I love living pretty much directly above AS220, even though I am slightly intimidated by the art-fags and admittedly don’t hang out there terribly often.

Moving from Providence to Boston was a pretty bone-headed move as far as art was concerned, and moving back brings me so much joy for so many reasons and this one might just top the list. I am kind of puzzled when Bostonians deride Providence as being a pit, but then again, I’m puzzled as to why anyone would want to live in Boston. I had a great year with the Schmoops, but I did not enjoy the fact that this necessitated residing within the actual city of Boston, a city that I have never, ever liked. Ever. Still don’t.

Though the meet-up was awesome, I’ll give it that. It has somehow spawned or attracted a whole slew of amazing nerds. Boston is good for that. Great nerd population. Not so much with the art though.


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