On Air & Bloodlines.

July 22, 2009

Lookit that. TWO pieces for today.  Amazing. I don’t know when the last time was that I did more than one piece in a day, but I believe that dinosaurs may have been roaming the earth.  I’m not as happy with these as I am with yesterday’s piece, but I also don’t hate them, which is a good start. I’m very proud of the second one  (“Bloodlines”) as I developed a new sort of cutting technique to get the astrolabe in there the way I wanted it.

So, here I am, back to the medical themed stuff. It was only a matter of time. The human body has always been totally, totally fascinating to me. One of my favorite books as a kid was Time’s Atlas of the Body. I almost went pre-med in college, but decided on art because apparently, I would rather serve coffee for the rest of my life than go through the institutionalized hazing that is a medical residency.

Though I will say that the return to familiar subject matter is also a function of what I’ve got around the house for source material. I went through a great purge last year in which I got rid of cuttings that I’d been saving for over five years. If I hadn’t used it yet, chances were good that it was never going to happen. So, I’m down about five pounds of paper there. Also, in the most recent move, I divested myself of the giant stack of magazines that I’d been saving for future collage use. Now I’ve got a few folders of cuttings and a pretty good stack of old books – though this limits my subject matter a little bit. Most of my books are on the body, but I’ve got a few on birds and butterflies and a couple on old maps.

Yes, that’s right. I CUT UP BOOKS. Feel free to stop reading this blog as I am a filthy blasphemous heathen. I have even cut up a Bible for collage. I love, love, love books. But the truth is: books are just objects. Binding them with thread or glue doesn’t change the fact that they’re a collection of pages. I have a great respect for books, which is part of what compels to take old science books from the 1950s (all of the books I use at the moment were rescued from library sales in which the books that weren’t sold would have been sent to the recycling center) and use them in collage rather than let them be simply thrown away. So, if it makes you feel better about my biblio-crimes, the books I use were all on death row and condemned to die and now they’ve been given new life of a sort.

My own little sort of a life is quite dull at the moment, but hey, I’m making art. That’s a start.

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