My papers. Business papers.

July 23, 2009

We can pretend this is blurry because I don’t want the internet to send creepy letters to my house, but really it’s because I took this with my phone and didn’t notice it was this blurry until I went to upload it. Oh well. You can see the basic awesomeness of this: Business cards! For me! With lotuses!  I ordered them from 123print, and I highly recommend them. The cards are great quality (I opted for recycled paper even though it cost a bit more) and the processing/shipping took less than a week.

For my little description, I chose “art. childcare. sometimes both.” Hey, it’s how it is. I think that this strikes the right balance between being professional and being a little humorous. I do take myself seriously… seriously enough to have business cards – but not so seriously as to not make my business cards a little funny. And the lotus is a little nod to my Buddhist ways. These cards definitely suit me perfectly. Now, I just need someone to give them out to…

Along the lines of business: I want to start an art group here in Providence. I go to a knitting group (even though I don’t knit. I have tried to crochet the same scarf for like, three years, and always fail. I am fine at “art” and horrible at “craft”), which is awesome, and I’d like to do something similar with art. Having a “community” or whatever is what I miss most about art school. I miss being able to go to the art barn and be around artists of various levels of stress and sobriety. So, I’d like to recreate that sense of community, but hopefully with less crying. Holy cow, I cried a lot in art school and so did just about everyone else that I knew. It’s pretty emotionally gutting to put yourself out there to be criticized by your professors and peers every single week. So, yeah, a kinder-gentler sort of support group is what I’m after. All kinds of art welcome: writers, photographers, painters, draw-ers, etc. Just “art” as opposed to “craft.”

I’ve made a Facebook Page for this. Because Lord knows, you can’t do anything social without social networking these days.


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