August 19, 2009


I’m not above playing silly games. Oh no. I’ve spent more of my life than is in any way healthy playing “Sally’s Spa” on my iPhone. Far be it from me to cast a stone.

But… Nanny Mania?! NANNY? MANIA? They made a game of MY JOB? I mean, I guess playing the spa game is someone else’s job, and it would seem equally redonk to them that you’re playing a game in your free time that requires giving someone else a pedicure (and yeah, honestly, the “clipping toenails” graphic was a bit much, thnx)… but…

This job not only can’t be as fun as the real thing: there are no real flowers from real little boys or endless cards being shoved in your bag from five year old girls, but it also is missing out on a lot of crucial elements. It can’t be a real simulation of nannying unless it involves a computer recreation of the “I’m going to hold your legs with one hand, and take off your poopy diaper, wipe your butt, and then put on your clean diaper with the other hand in twenty seconds while you scream your tiny little head off and alternately try to kick me or put your feet in your own poo” move, or has a voice that asks you “Why?” after each time you hit a button. Any button. For any reason.


I do like the “House Chaos” meter. Nice touch there.

Y’know, I’m sitting here thinking about this and thinking that I could seriously enjoy a barista game where I could “make” coffees and problem solve about doing things quickly and efficiently, but I would never, ever want my old job back. Thinking about a nanny game? While, ok, yeah, the poop… but really, the best parts of the job aren’t things that would ever be captur-able in computer form. The game is not going to come up to you all smiling and start drooling its popsicle right into your lap. When computer technology can simulate the smell of sleepy toddler, then maybe we’ll talk.

Until then, I’ve got to go and do laundry mania that I may return to nanny mania tomorrow with clean pants.

And I am going to start imagining this banner appearing on my car every day at 5PM.



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