Blogging about blogging (about blogging).

August 21, 2009

So, in addition to this here blog, I do also have a totally private secret blog… that I haven’t written a real entry in in eons. I’ve been doing most of my “secret” writing on PAPER (!) after finding some of my old paper journals and thinking “Wow.  I really am glad I wrote this crap down because I don’t remember feeling that way at all and looking back, it all totally makes much more sense.” I’ve never been a terribly private person to begin with. I definitely have been accused (more than once) of criminal oversharing.

So, where does this blog fit into the scheme of things – being that it’s totally public and all. I’ve already started writing about work, so what kind of boundaries are to be drawn? Two things come to mind immediately that have always been my policy in posting anything on the internet that isn’t locked down:

  1. I will never post anything that will reveal the identity of my employers or violate the privacy of their children. Sorry if you want to see cute kiddo pictures, but that’s not going to happen. Maybe of other kids, but not the work kids.
  2. I will never post anything that I wouldn’t say *to* my employers. Because, duh. Though I should point out that I can’t really think of anything I have on my tiny little mind that would be incriminating anyway. I do honestly love what I do. This will never be a “dark side” of nannying blog since I have honest to Dog *never* had a day in the past year and change that I’ve been doing this full-time where I’ve even come close to thinking “I hate my job.” Eff that. I freaking love my job. Yesterday, I sat down fully clothed in a kiddie pool and sang “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad” and GOT PAID for it.

So, beyond that… I feel like venturing into thoughts on child-care as a career and anecdotes about the day-to-day of nannying are fair game as far as blogging goes. Lord knows that while art takes up the same amount of brain-space, it certainly doesn’t get anywhere near the same number of hours in a week. This weekend has magically cleared itself of previous commitments, so perhaps I’ll get some “work” done. We’ll see.

I guess this blog is going to be much like the “job title” on my business cards: Art. Childcare. Sometimes both.


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