Nanny Fashion… or the lack thereof.

August 22, 2009

In my previous job, with the Schmoops, I could wear pretty much whatever. I was still better dressed on my days off, when I tend to prefer pinstripes & tshirts to jeans, but I was hardly a slob. I generally wore jeans, a tshirt, and appropriate jewelry/scarves. In Boyland? These aren’t options. In the past two weeks, I have had to do five loads of laundry. I have twice had to change my clothes *at* work, and on my first day, I bemoaned not having put clothes in my car because I wished I could have changed my poopy pants rather than just scrubbing the poop out and wearing pants that were really soggy. (Note: It was not *my* poop.)

Between Thing 1’s love of paint, and Thing 2’s tendency towards getting as filthy as possible, my clothes need to be able to be washed over and over and over again. I also need to have backup clothes. And backup backup clothes. I have gone away from jeans and towards yoga pants. It’s a step up from wearing a track suit.

Still, I used to be cute! I used to have some kind of a fashion sense. (I used to post to wardrobe_remix for a while, too… that helped. I should do that again, methinks.) And I don’t want to become one of those people who looks like she left the house in her pajamas. I’m trying to figure something out, which in cooler weather will probably involve a lot of layers, but for now – it’s so hot that I hardly want to wear clothes to begin with. It certainly has to be possible to wear stuff that’s kid friendly and still look *good.* This is my new mission.

And oh yeah:  accessories? Fuhgettaboutit. My ears and hair get tugged on enough without having anything shiny attached to me.


Me two years ago. Man, this is probably my all-time favorite outfit of mine. Too bad *all* of it has since been totally annihilated by the effects of time.

I can’t grab the photo due to copyright, but I think that this outfit on wardrobe_remix is totally cute and very doable for what I’m going for.

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