Had I an office, this would be on its wall.

August 25, 2009

Thanks, Natalie Dee!

Also, if someone wanted to make a loop of me saying “Put that down please. That’s not how we play with that, we need to be gentle with our toys. No, not with your feet, thank you.” – it would allow me to have enough time to refill my coffee without turning around to find that my charges have found their way outside. Geez.

It’s going well though, everyone is making a good transition. Thing 1 is investigating the how’s and why’s of everything, so that by the time he reaches the age of 5, he will have attained TOTAL KNOWLEDGE. There’s nothing like answering “Why?” sixty eight times an hour to make you realize that no, I don’t know why electricity makes the freezer make ice… IT JUST DOES. I try not to ever resort to “Because.” with kids, but sometimes the follow ups to the follow ups… well, sometimes, I honestly run out of answers.

Thing 2 is doing his part to make sure that gravity is tested on all objects. We know that Galileo* already figured out that gravity affects objects equally, but Thing 2 doesn’t believe that he tested a large enough sample size, being as he did not include ALL objects. I have learned never to allow him to have whole granola bars or more than five berries in front of him at a time. He’s got quite an arm – I’m thinking of giving the Red Sox a call about sending down a recruiter, but I’m told we have to wait for *all* of his teeth to come in first.

*Ok, how weird is it that I just googled Galileo to figure out how many l’s are in his name and THERE is his telescope because it’s his 400th anniversary?! WEIRD.


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