Weekend Update.

August 29, 2009

Yes, I know, “Fashion Friday” would be alliterative, but it is hard to commit to posting every single Friday. Friday is tricky, as are all weekdays as I can never bank on how tired I’m going to be and how much energy I’ll be able to devote to anything when I get home. If I get home, as Friday can be – even for me, the most boring human on earth – a social night. So, in the grand tradition of SNL: Weekend Update. Bonus: I can use this space for miscellany and not just “fashion.”

I did try to document where I’m starting off in terms of “work fashion” this week, however I did run into some technical difficulties with my computer and it being totally unusable for the purposes of typing anything other than the letter “z.” (A new computer is on its way to me courtesy of some financial planning rigged up by my partner, who is in training to be the Master of the Universe. That’s not to say he’s paying for the whole thing, just that the financial side of things wouldn’t be possible if not for him. Anyway. It’s certainly an exciting end to a frustrating week!)

So, this is where I’m at. Yoga pants and layers. But it’s really hard to do layers with highs of 91F. The outfit in the middle is a non-work outfit that I wore to a BBQ (with the work-fam, actually, but I wasn’t on-duty) to show that yes, occasionally, I wear a skirt. I’m thinking that as we ease into fall, I am indeed going to invest in some leggings to layer with cotton skirts/sweater dresses. I’m hesitant on this as I have giant weird-looking knees, but they allow for a lot of layering options and are certainly easy to wash. It’s a trend I’ve eyed suspiciously, but here I am.

Some inspiration!

1. Daily Outfit — 8/19/09, 2. 060, 3. Untitled


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