Living the Boring Lifestyle.

August 30, 2009

Lisbon daisy. July 09.

I joke a lot that I’m really an 84 year old man, and really, it’s becoming more and more of a reality every day.  This morning, a weekend!, I slept until 8:30 – which was definitely “sleeping in.” Of course, I stayed up “wicked late” meaning 1130. Whatever happened to staying up until 2AM and waking up at noon? Is this a result of becoming more responsible and grown up, or just more boring? I can’t tell.

My life doesn’t bore *me* though. I love it. I love being boring and responsible. I love driving the Nanny Mobile with the carseats in the back. I love having my sleep regulated in a way that I can finally cancel my appointments with my sleep specialist. Yes, it was bad enough that I had to see a sleep specialist. A year later though, I’ve developed a regime that works, and he was totally, totally key in getting that part of my life squared away. And it was such a relief for me to hear that I had an actual physiological issue to work through, that I wasn’t just making my life difficult. Oh man, sometimes I hear people talk about sleep as a luxury, and it’s totally, totally not for someone who never gets enough of it. Yes, here I am, burbling on about sleep in an entry about being boring, and I’ve probably compelled *you* to nap, but so it goes. This is one of the more awesome things about my life and one of the biggest changes of the past year: I sleep. Normally.

And so, here I am, ready to field phone calls at 930A from friends whose babies I’m going to visit. Yes, I go and visit babies in my free time because my job is my idea of fun.. It’s pretty amazing and awesome to be able to answer the phone at this hour and not be woken up by it. Conversely, any friends who tried to call me at midnight would be in for a surprise!

I love my little life of early bedtimes, early wakings, days spent caring for “my boys,” evenings of The Wire (oh, what am I going to do when we’re done? We’re going to start Season 5 this week, I think, and oh man, I don’t want it to end.) , weekends of visiting friends. Next weekend is super exciting as Kat is coming up to visit for a Virgo Birthday Extravaganza! I’m excited to take her around Providence and my mouth is watering just thinking about the restaurants I want to go  to…. there is so much good food in this city! Almost too much!

Oh, boring thrilling life.


2 Responses to “Living the Boring Lifestyle.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Your life is effectively over after The Wire. Nothing you can do about it.

    • Sonja Says:

      I feared my life would be over after Six Feet Under, and then I got hooked on The West Wing. Then I feared my life would be over after that, and then I started watching The Wire (it took me most of Season One to get into it, I wasn’t sold on it until the shooting in episode 9 or 10, I’m sure you know which one I mean). Now, I fear that there is nothing beyond The Wire. I have reached the pinnacle of story telling in TV show format and the only thing left to do is to drown my sorrows in Jack Daniels. Except that I don’t drink. I’m just screwed.

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