Last look at summer!

September 1, 2009

Thanks to Kelsey and her link to yesterday’s post on my cousin Vanora’s mad collage skills! So, hello to any new readers who may decide to check back again!

It’s September now. There is such a difference between today and even last week at this time. Cool mornings, breezy afternoons. Back to wearing socks in the house and a light sweater outside. It’s amazing that it was only two weeks ago that it was so hot outside that I sat down in the kiddie pool. This means that my job now has the added challenge of making sure shoes get put on before we go outside (and even more challenging – trying to *keep* the shoes on!), in addition to the already challenging getting-clothes-on. Only a few more months until we find that fifteen minutes later, when we finally get our snowsuits zipped up, NOW we have to pee.

One last look at summer before it’s gone until next year – here are a few photos that I took in Algarve (complete set on Flickr) back in July.


4 Responses to “Last look at summer!”

  1. I really love the last one.

  2. amy Says:

    lovely photos. you really captured the place.

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