Wensleydale Wednesday. Shoutout edition.

September 2, 2009

Wensleydale would like to devote her webspace this week to give a shoutout to her canine cousin Otis. Otis is one of my mama’s three Pekes (the other two being Ernie and Lily) and is absolutely the life of the party. While Ernie may be the alpha of the pack by virtue of seniority, it is Otis who claims his dominance by chewing on the ears of the other dogs. He also enjoys chewing on ice cubes, which has cost him three of his front teeth, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Poor Otis seems to be on a mission to survive with the bare minimum of facial features, either that or he’s seriously becoming a pirate. He developed glaucoma in one of his eyes – a disease that is treatable in humans, as often a human can speak up and say “Hey! My vision is funny and my eye kind of hurts!” By the time they caught it in Otis, the pain in his eye was so bad that there was no recourse other than to remove the eye – which won’t actually affect his vision, since the vet determined he couldn’t see out of it anyway. Ironically, his other eye had almost ruptured earlier in the week due to an ulcerated scratch, but the two are in no way related. So, now poor Otis is a one-eyed no-front-toothed dog.

He’s proof that will to live will get you a long way and that the best way to overcome your obstacles is through grit, determination, and a little bit of sassiness. I’ll be seeing the man and his one remaining eye this weekend. Here he is in his two-eyed phase:

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