The Creative Capital.

September 3, 2009

My dearest Kat is in town!!! And I got my new laptop in the mail today!!! Zomg!!! This is the most exciting Day-Before-My-Birthday ever!!! We went around “Downcity” Providence to a few cute places including the oh-so-amazing Craftland and Oop! There’s a preponderance of awesome merch relating to Little Rhody. If you need a pair of underpants that say “Providence” with the little RI state anchor on them, I know where you can get them. We’re really big on state pride up here, and I’m really big on my little city.

Awesome sightings at Craftland:

Frida & Diego finger puppets!

Elephant bag!

Octopus card! Kat bought this for me because it is so awesome.

Elephant bib! I’d buy this, but then my hypothetical baby could never wear it because I’d be upset if s/he got it dirty.

From Oop! – this plate is the epitome of greatness. Peace sign. Elephant. Octopus. Too bad it’s for “children.”


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