Birthday Faces Roundup.

September 5, 2009

I had a tremendously awesome birthday yesterday – super special thanks to Kat & Nuno for getting 28 off to a rockin’ start. It was pretty low-key, and that’s how I like it. Kat & I had brunch at Brickway, which was amazing as always. We walked around Wickenden St. a little bit and then headed up to Thayer where we stimulated the economy via shoes.

Being as it was my birthday, I let myself buy a new pair of boots. Being as I’ve been reading several style blogs (mainly Gala Darling & Nubbytwiglet) I decided to go for it and buy *real* boots and not knock-off Payless boots. And oh boy, I can tell the difference already. I have a pair of Camper boots that I paid a zillion dollars for… five years ago. And some Doc Martens that I bought ten years ago. And every cheap pair of boots I’ve bought hasn’t lasted an entire winter. I think the conclusion is obvious. Anyway, the tall brown Victorian style lace-up boots that I bought are extremely bad-ass in a grown-up kind of way and greatly contributed to birthday awesomeness.

In the evening, we made it down to the beach. This being Rhode Island, this doesn’t take too much effort. You really can’t help but hit the ocean if you drive in generally south-easterly direction. Though I did miss the specific beach I had *intended* to go to because I was yammering on about something, we did find a beach that suited our needs (our needs being that it provide access to the ocean). The water was way warmer than I had expected – in that it could be described as “warm,” which for the North Atlantic is unusual. I hadn’t planned on swimming, so I hadn’t brought a suit, but I did have a tshirt in my car, so I changed into that and just went swimming in my tshirt and my undies. It was fantastic. There’s absolutely nothing on earth that I like more than swimming in the ocean.

Came back home, walked to Cilantro and got some burritos, and sat down and nerded out with a DVD about mummies that Nuno gave me. Awesome, awesome birthday.

Of course, shopping means trying things on. And trying things on means iPhone photos, especially when the items are on the sillier end of the spectrum.

I did not buy them, but I felt a picture with the birthday candle glasses was totally necessary.

Should I need to run from the law on my birthday, I could definitely use this disguise.

It’s a sock monkey hat! Which was too warm to wear for longer than the ten seconds it took to take this picture. But still. Sock monkey!

… and here’s Kat getting sassy.


3 Responses to “Birthday Faces Roundup.”

  1. heidi. Says:

    i am glad your birthday was made of awesome 🙂

    also: your loyal minions DEMAND boot pictures!

    and camper boots. oh, oh how i lust after them.


    • Sonja Says:

      There are pictures of the boots on Flickr! I’ll make another post today and try to include them.

    • Sonja Says:

      PS: What size feet do you have? My camper boots are 38 and are suddenly too snug for me. If you have use for fur-lined boots (they are SUPER SUPER WARM. As in, if it’s not cold outside, your feet will melt right off), I’d be happy to send them to you.

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