Weekend Update.

September 5, 2009

It was requested that I provide a photo of my rockin’ new boots. And man, do they rock. I haven’t been able to document my outfits for wardroberemix this week due to computing issues, but with the new Stringer Bell lifestyle (SB is what I’ve named my new MacBook), I can get back on that. New computer, new boots, some other new clothes for the birthday – it’s a very chic life I’ve got going on! So, here are the boots (along with y’know, other clothes):

Photo taken by Kat at East Matunuck Beach, RI. Five minutes later, I changed into a t-shirt and went swimming.

Mostly, I wanted to use this space this week for home-fashion. Kat had wanted to see some photos of my apartment to help me decorate, and so I took some… right before she got there. Doesn’t really help *her* any, but at the very least it’s good documentation of where we’re at in the decorating process right now. And let’s face it, everybody loves a good housetour on Apartment Therapy, so here’s a little something for your inner voyeur. Whole set is on Flickr.

Also noteable, Desk pre-Stringer Bell with jury-rigged keyboard setup :

Desk with Stringer Bell – so much better:

Kat helped me decorate even without advance knowledge of the apartment – she bought me a few prints and lovingly framed them, including the Buddha print I had on my Etsy wishes! Here’s Buddha gracing my living room, bringing me tons of joy :


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