On Musical Serendipity.

September 7, 2009


photo by Flickr user Spuz

I love music. I grew up with a musician for a mama and I feel most comfortable with a constant soundtrack in the background (especially in the car!). I think that Pandora is one of the greatest things about the internet, and I get a hell of a lot of mileage out of the internet radio that my employers have in their home. The boys and I listen to a lot of classic rock, though I’ve started tuning into the XFM (out of London!) stream with them since finding out that Thing 1 really likes The Smiths. He’s totally ahead of me there, I can’t stand them – I find Morrissey to be far too whiny, which is saying something for someone who adores Elliott Smith.

In Vermont this weekend, Nuno, Kat, my parents and I went out to get some quality grub at Fat Frank’s in Bellows Falls and couldn’t help but noticing that the background music they had going on was pretty damn quality itself. We asked the waitress what it was, a mix or a radio station or what – she pointed us to the station, a public station out of Fordham University in NYC – WFUV. They stream it from the internet, and now, so do I. It’s amazing. I’ve got “The Alternate Side” streaming right now – from the website description : Artists you’ll hear on The Alternate Side: Radiohead, Santogold, R.E.M., Emiliana Torrini, The High Decibels, The Shins, Beck, DJ Shadow, Nirvana, The Broken West, TV on the Radio, Portishead, Juana Molina, My Morning Jacket, Outkast, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire & more.

Fantastic. It’s also fun to point out that two of those listed examples are Icelandic. I’m sure you know Sigur Rós, but do you know the other one?

I highly recommend that you get in on this, they have three channels, all available online. And of course, if you can, contribute to the great cause that is public radio!

Do you listen to internet radio? Do you have any stations to recommend?


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