Crochet Fractals.

September 9, 2009


On my way to Stitch & Bitch and some photos were requested of my fractal project. I started going to S&B years ago for mainly social reasons, and I am still pretty handicapped in the realm of “craft.” (I’m much better at “art!”) I can crochet… poorly. I have been trying to make a scarf for three years now, and my attempts always come out pretty noodly and woobly. So, I’ve given that up. And really – I don’t need any more scarves at the moment, nor do I need a cunning hat, or mittens, or – heaven forbid – a sweater.

So, I’m taking up fractals! I had seen before that it’s possible to crochet a fractal and this seemed like a way more fun thing to make than a scarf, so I did some googling and found some basic instructions (and some awesome photos) at the Institute for Figuring. I know next to nothing about math, but I can at least count my stitches (sometimes). I made this little number by increasing after every second stitch (double crochet, if you want to know that kind of thing).

I’m working on a bigger one with the same yarn now that I’ve kind of gotten the hang of it. It’s a pretty nice thing to do while watching The Wire! It may not be a totally awesome fractal yet, but I can hold my head up high at Stitch & Bitch that for once I am not there simply for “Bitch.” I’d better be careful though – due to the increasing nature of the fractal, this could easily take me the rest of my life.


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