Who are you? (Who who, who who?)

September 10, 2009

As this blog matures (like a fine wine, or a cheese), I’m wondering about how things are working out for you, the reader. I have a basic sense of how many people are coming in on a daily basis and generally how they got here, but for those of you who may be reading via RSS (if you’re not and you would like to, go to the subscribe page!), I have no idea how many of you there might be or how you got here or what.

If you would care to enlighten me in the comments section (or via email: sonja . engdahl @ me . com – without the spaces) with a little about yourself and your blog reading experience, I would be much obliged! I could even find a way to thank you, by a link or a special post or something! It’d be fun! So, yes, if you could comment with:

  1. Name/alias/secret identity
  2. How you found this here blog
  3. What would keep you reading
  4. Something I could do in return that would bring you joy

To get started on that joy, here are some sunflowers from Lisbon!


4 Responses to “Who are you? (Who who, who who?)”

  1. amy Says:

    well, I read, and I think you know who I am.

    but I agree, it’s frustrating in these days of RSS and whatnot that it has become hard to get a clear idea of how many people are reading. I recently started feeding my blog through facebook, which is great because it gets a lot of my fb friends to read who otherwise would completely ignore my blog. But it makes me a little sad when people leave comments within facebook instead of clicking through to the post itself to comment.

    At first I considered eliminating the fb feed, or somehow forcing people to click through in order to read the whole thing… but then I figured, if people read, they read. Of course it’s satisfying to have the numbers, and I love having an active conversation in my blog’s comments, but… whatever. I’m going to blog whether people read or not, so my readers might as well interact in whatever way makes them happy.

    • Sonja Says:

      Weirdly, this post made my blog stats go (by this blog’s standards anyway) through the roof… and you’re the only one who has chimed in! Ha! Oh well. I tried. I’m just going to conclude that my readers are all very shy and love *everything.*

      (And this reminds me that I haven’t added your new blog to my own RSS, and yes, I would always leave comments on the blog itself, just seems weird to do it any other way.)

  2. Coriana Says:

    You already know who I am and how I got here. I keep your blog on my daily reading list and my bookmarks toolbar ’cause I like to see what’s going on in your life (‘specially when it comes with pictures) and ’cause I love your art and ’cause your work-related posts help remind me I’m not alone in the nanny-verse. My favorite of your recently introduced features is Wensleydale Wednesdays, and I am always a fan of the octopi updates.

    Unfortunately, none of this is news, and I am not one of your phantom RSS readers, so it may not be of much help.

    ~ c.

    • Sonja Says:

      Actually, that helps a lot! My work posts and Wensleydale Wednesdays both are things that I enjoy doing but have wondered “Is this at all interesting to anyone else?” So, I’m glad that someone is enjoying them!

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