Weekend Update.

September 12, 2009

Off-work fashion! At work, I’m still working with the layers – hopefully this week I’ll have the time and energy to grab a few photos. This week has been so crazy busy! There’s been a lot going on chez Work Fam and Thing 1 has started a preschool program! Busy busy busy. So, these are all photos from the past week that were taken in my off time.

#1 is today’s outfit, which I consider to be the most successful. My mama gave me this skirt for my birthday and it goes very well with the new boots. I like the length since it hides my weird knees! I’ve started wearing my hair down in my off-time since looking through the photos with the ubiquitous ponytail I’ve noticed that it looks a bit sloppy. This is one of the benefits of outfit documentation! I never would have thought of it otherwise.

#2 is from last night’s MetaFilter meetup and I don’t hate this outfit per se… but it’s so… college-y. I always get mistaken for being younger than I am, and I really don’t need to encourage that. This is really the first time I’ve gone for the miniskirt and layers and bright colors and thought “Wow. This is really a young outfit. I don’t know if I like that.” I guess I really am an old man.

#3 I would consider another success. This is what I wore to Stitch & Bitch this week and it was great, except that my feet got cold with open toed shoes! The café where we meet is always too cold. Always. I considered this before I left and decided to suffer for fashion. And suffer I did. (And no, I did not drive in those heels, I drove barefoot. Totally illegal, but also totally safer than driving a stick shift with those heels. Good lord, I can only imagine how much I would stall trying to hit the clutch with 4″ heels! Yes, I drive a stick shift in a city. Yes, I’m kinda nutso.)

#4 is showing what happens when I don’t think about my clothes! It’s not a bad outfit really, but I wasn’t planning on photo documentation! Kat just felt that my fashion statements while petting cows needed documentation. This shows exactly what I mean by looking sloppy with my hair pulled back while wearing otherwise decent clothes. (Except for Nuno’s hoodie, but that even wouldn’t be so bad if I’d had my hair down and maybe an accessory or two.)

So, yeah, there’s the week in fashion. As mentioned, I went to a MetaFilter meetup last night in celebration of our beloved moderator cortex’s MetaFilter tour of America! It was really great, even though driving to/from Boston right after getting off of work meant that I was up for 20 straight hours. Oi. I haven’t stayed up that late or slept this late in the morning in eons and it doesn’t feel as awesome as it used to. Totally worth it though! I really enjoy hanging out with MeFites, who are in general a really smart and friendly bunch. I’ve been to enough Boston meetups that I’m starting to actually get to know a few regulars. I haven’t had time to actually read or post to MeFi in the past couple of weeks, so hangin’ with my nerds definitely made me feel like I still have a connection to my favorite internet community.

This is by far my best photo of the night – Heather (user lunit) gets a makeover:


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