Great use for the iPhone or GREATEST use for the iPhone?

September 16, 2009

I think now that Mercury is in retrograde it’s the right time to share one of my secret nanny tricks. I can’t claim full credit for this, I originally observed Nuno’s brother showing his 15 mo. old son Muppet videos on the iPhone and thought “Why doesn’t Apple market this? This is genius!” When I got my own iPhone a few months later, I knew it would come in handy for occasional child-taming. And oh, it does. Thing 2 loves the iPhone (it helps that my ringtone is Banana Phone) and he loves the Muppets. I dole them out sparingly to keep them exciting and it’s like crack. For toddlers.

Some of the greatest hits among the 15-18mo. age bracket. Hint: they’re soothing for adults too – especially if you’re having one of THOSE days.

(Ok, that last one is just my favorite.)


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