Weekend Update.

September 19, 2009

There hasn’t been any fashion to speak of this week. The WorkFam has been battling various colds and mild fevers, so I’ve been laying pretty low to avoid getting ill myself. So far, so good on that front. They say that the first year working with kids, you get every single virus and just pretty much spend the whole year with a minor cold of some sort, and then you have an immune system of steel. I don’t know about steel, but my immune system is at least coated in aluminum foil since I stopped coming down with every cold Schmoopette got after about six months with her, and I haven’t gotten anyone else’s germs in about the past year. When I do get sick, it seems to be random and not necessarily related to anything that the kids may or may not have.

Anyhow, I thought that this week I’d do something a tiny bit different and recommend some products. I love seeing the kinds of things that other people use, the internet being a great tool for fascinating daily minutiae voyeurism. It’s like looking into people’s medicine cabinets! Without being totally creepy!

#1: Matrix System Biolage Volumathérapie. It’s fancy pants. It’s French. It must be good. I hear all the time “Oh, don’t pay for the expensive salon shampoo! It’s no different than regular stuff!” Pffft. I’ll admit that I bought Biolage because I like the way that it smells. I’m now a firm convert into product loyalty since my baby-fine hair is silkier and thicker than it’s ever been. And it smells good. I can totally tell the difference between this and other shampoos I have used, since I have used many many products trying to get my hair to do anything other than lie on my head like a drowned rat. My hair still mostly lies there, but it’s got some body to it, which is a hell of a lot better than I can say for Pantene or Herbal Essences.

#2: Braun Oral B Vitality Toothbrush. Let’s not talk about how long it’s been since I went to a dentist. I haven’t had dental insurance in quite some time. I do finally have dental with my current insurance, and so I’ll be able to go and hear about exactly how neglected my teeth have been. Poor teeth. Incidentally, my employers are dentists. So, I asked about what I can do to clean things up on my own – in addition to flossing (which, ok, now that I do it regularly I can attest that it is indeed a good idea, but it is still the most disgusting activity known to man), they suggested this toothbrush. I wasn’t going to plunk down a lot of money for some sonic toothbrush just so that it could make a lot of noise in my mouth. I can say though that this is a great investment. My teeth do feel a hell of a lot cleaner, and it pleasantly feels like a tooth massage every time I brush.

#3: Pitt Artist Pen. I’ve tried Micron Pens. They were ok. I like fountain pens and used the Pilot Varsity pens for a while, except that they explode in airplanes and even when that’s not going on, they bleed through most papers. I tried the Pitt pens on a whim when I was in Utrecht and finally, there is a pen that I am now totally evangelical about. It’s the smoothest writing experience I’ve ever experienced and the ink is totally dark without bleeding through the paper. So, so much better than the Microns, which I thought dragged a little and really, weren’t very satisfying to write with. I like a good drawing pen that I can also use just as a writing pen, so I’ve bought a ton of these and keep them everywhere. There’s even one in my car, just in case. Oh yeah, and the brush pens are absolutely fantastically amazing for drawing/coloring.

#4: Sony clip-on headphones. The electromagnetism of my brain burns out headphones. I’ve never had a pair of headphones last more than six months of regular use, and it’s not that all of them have died from abuse – it’s that after a while, they just stop working entirely. I also burn out lightbulbs around me and in general, small electronics (and plants) die after extended periods of close proximity to me. Mostly anything with speakers, since speakers are really giant magnets. This has been confirmed by an electrical engineer that yes, this is my brain doing this. So any how, I don’t ever spend more than $30 on headphones since I know they will die. I also can’t wear earbuds for unrelated reasons. I’ve had two pairs of these on various occasions and they’re the best sound quality for $30 you can get. Also, the clip on is really comfortable and they’re nice and teeny for putting in my purse when I’m not wearing them.

How about you? What are your favorite products?

[NOTE: No one has paid me to whore these products. Not that I would mind if they did.]


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