Cephalopod Roundup.

September 24, 2009

Anytime, anywhere an octopus is mentioned, I find out about it. Thanks to Kat and Heidi for these!

Don’t trust anyone you meet online, kids. You never know… it might just be…


CTHULU! Can you believe I’ve never actually read any H.P. Lovecraft? I live in Providence and I have this whole octopus thing going on, and yet, I only know of Cthulu in this kind of sideways sort of hearsay kind of a way. I should probably get on that, seeing as Nuno owns the Necronomicon. (Which, thanks to LOLCats, I can only think of as the “NecroNOMNOMNOMicon.” See also Neal Stephenson’s CryptoNOMNOMOMicon.)


Humboldt Squid wash up on the Oregon coast. Ok, so that might not be an actual picture of the squid. And I might actually be ripping off another blog post here, but it’s EFFIN AWESOME.


The Octopus Project. I’ve never actually heard this band, and maybe they suck, but they have just about the most awesome name. Fun Fact: If I ever form a band, it’s going to be called Rabbit Liberation Army after my attempts to free our preschool pet, an obese geriatric rabbit named “Mr. Bun.” I somehow squeezed that lard out of his cage… only to have him hop right back in again. Ingrate. I now understand why my teachers didn’t attempt to stop me, they were probably watching me and falling over laughing knowing just how much Mr. Bun did NOT want his freedom.


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