Exploring his feminine side.

September 29, 2009


As watermark suggests, image courtesy of gettyimages.

Today I had a bit of an uncomfortable moment when I had turned my back to keep Thing 2 out of something hazardous and turned around to find Thing 1 covered in lipstick. Oh, how unprepared I was. I asked him where he got it, and he said it was in his “suitcase.” (A crayon box.)

I assumed that he had taken the lipstick from his mom and was playing with it in that way that kids do. I also assumed that his mom probably wasn’t a fan of this. So, I took the lipstick and told him that we don’t play with it in the same way that we don’t play with mommy’s toothbrush – because it’s personal.

Little did I know that when I talked to DadBoss this afternoon, the lipstick actually does belong to Thing 1! I was suggesting that the parents maybe get him his own “lipstick” (read: tinted chapstick) but they went right ahead and started him on the heavy stuff! I apologized profusely that I had taken his lipstick and returned it to his “suitcase.”

Way to go, Thing 1! Even I do not yet own M.A.C. lipstick, you’re a step ahead of me!

Also: can we say great parents or GREATEST parents that Thing 1 has his own lipstick?


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