Blog evolution.

October 2, 2009

[Lisbon. 2009.]

The fashion updates are going the way of the dodo. I don’t think they even evolved legs. They’re really going the way of that really cute herbivore you create in Spore who gets eaten so many times that you give up and start the game over as a carnivore and eat everything. I do still intend on participating more frequently in wardroberemix, but as for integrating that into the blog, I don’t have time!

This is the only time in my whole life that I’ve been honestly able to say that about something that takes half an hour (tops)! I also have an AM/PM yoga DVD that I’ve been longing to get some use out of – at either end – but I don’t have 20 minutes to spare at either the front or back ends of my day! I’m doing my best to be as productive as possible in the little bit of free time that I do have, but I’ll admit, I’ve been considering “Unlocking Eternal mode in Katamari” to be “productive.”

Anyway, I’m sad to admit that I’m not up to the task I set for myself here. I get inspired a lot and I’m really gungho about starting projects, but it’s the follow through on finishing them that gets me. My desk is like “Good Idea Purgatory” and I’d like to revive a lot of stuff that I’ve started and abandoned. Sadly, working on nanny fashion is going to have to enter this netherworld for now.

I do have an idea for some daily things that I’d like to also incorporate into blogging, which I hope to launch this weekend! So, that’s cool. The only snag is just as I’ve come up with some real daily practice stuff for myself, the toddler I work with has also reached the point in his own self-improvement quest where he can open his door. Nap time is no longer sacred. I no longer have even the idea of downtime at work. It’s a pretty big blow.

We’ll see what happens from here, both in terms of my sanity and my blogging abilities.


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