Charlie Darwin.

October 4, 2009

Thanks to the magic of radio (thanks, WFUV!), I’ve become acquainted with a lot of new music recently. I heard this beautifully haunting song a few times last week and wrote down a note on my iPhone (because who needs paper anymore?) to download it. I had heard the title of the song as “Charlie Darling” and was surprised and flummoxed when I couldn’t find it. I went back through the WFUV playlists for the whole week to find the song. Half an hour later, I found out that really, the lyric is “Charlie DARWIN.” Even better.

As a singer (albeit one in hiding), a good vocal harmony gives me shivers and the harmonies in the chorus in this are absolutely flawless.

I’ve been listening to it on repeat all weekend, it’s a perfect fall song. I’ll be putting it on a playlist for a trip northward to the Greater Beantown Area today. Here it is for your listening enjoyment. (YouTube link, but mainly, it’s just the audio that counts. It’s not a real “video” per se.)

What are your favorite autumn songs? What’s on your playlist these days?

Bonus: here’s a link to my all-time favorite autumn song. The one, the only, Tom Waits.


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