New Feature: Daily Doodle.

October 5, 2009

I thought about calling this “Diurnal Drawing” since I didn’t read Infinite Jest for nothing, but in the end, even though it means “daily,” I can’t see the word “diurnal” without thinking “urinal.” (Or, as Thing #1 would call it – “wall toilet.”) So, “Daily Doodle.” Not so serious as to be a DRAWING which is something you do in CLASS and have a CRIT about. Also brings to mind “Daily Double” and then Celebrity Jeopardy, which brings me much joy. (Honestly, the Celebrity Jeopardy SNL skits make me laugh so hard that I have to hit pause every so often to avoid herniating.)

Hopefully this will indeed be a daily feature, or close to it. The drawings may not be uploaded and posted every single day, but hopefully there will be a drawing done and posted for each day by the end of the week. I badly need a more regular artistic practice and I don’t have time for any kind of morning pages, but I can aim to get a “doodle” of some kind done between naps and snacks at work. Hopefully, Thing 2 won’t remember how to open his door during his nap, or all bets are off.  Anyhow, posting things on the blog is really helpful as it helps keep me accountable. Or at least, I feel like I’m accountable, though I trust that my mother (and perhaps other readers as well) will actually start nagging me if I lag behind.

Anyhow! Here’s today’s drawing! It’s a fish! Drawn from a pan. Which begs the question: What are you cooking that you need a pan the shape of a fish?

Bonus! Here are some apples drawn last week.


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