Daily Doodle. 10/8/09

October 9, 2009

From yesterday. I’m still better at getting things done than getting things uploaded.

I hadn’t had a chance to get any drawing done at work, since Thing 2 has been on a nap embargo, so while we were watching Jim & Pam get married on The Office (Yay!), I asked Nuno what I should draw. His suggestion: A zebra taking a bath. Well, here he is. A zebra. Taking a bath.

3 Responses to “Daily Doodle. 10/8/09”

  1. vonholdt Says:

    very cute doodle. you have to love the things that kids will tell you to draw if you just ask them. i have issues myself uploading daily.

    • Sonja Says:

      Yes! And it’s such a different dynamic taking care of boys than girls – now instead of drawing butterflies and flowers, I draw spiders. Funny that.

    • Sonja Says:

      Oh, ha! I misread the date and thought that this was a reply to the spider drawing.

      Nuno is my boyfriend, not one of the kids I care for. He’s a 29 year old kid 😉

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