Weekend Update.

October 18, 2009

Boston, MA. 2009.

This week has been pretty much a wash for me. I’ve been sick with a multi-day fever for the first time in five years. Thursday, I was sick at home and couldn’t even read. My brain literally could not process words – it was like trying to getting a calculator to compute the sum of broccoli + Toyota. The Mysterious Mystery Fever of Mysterious Origins is the only real symptom I’ve had, but man, it’s been a nasty one. I’ve also been suffering sporadic headaches, though I think that my choice in lotion may be a contributing factor there,  which is too bad because I do enjoy smelling like a cherry blossom, but I do not enjoy waking up every half an hour in the night with the feeling that someone is shoving needles into my brain via my sinuses.

This is a really cheery update, huh?

Things with the Things are going well. Daily Doodles have been sporadic, a mere *two* this week, but considering the Mysterious Mystery Fever, I’m considering that acceptable. It’s a lot harder to draw when you can’t remember what you were going to draw or how the pen makes those lines on the paper in the first place.


So, these panties? They vibrate?

I’ve now finished Season One of Mad Men, and I am solidly hooked. It’s helped to think of it as taking place in an alternate universe as opposed to a concrete past that my grandparents participated in. Also, it’s been an interesting thought experiment for me to use Mad Men as a vehicle to think about now in the context of being somebody else’s past. Because it will be. Some day, we will be as dated as the 60’s are to us and what on earth is that going to look like? If you’ll excuse me, I just blew my own mind.

(Certainly the set designs will be chock full of Ikea furniture, everyone will carry an iPhone, and skinny jeans will be all too prevalent.)

It’s a slow weekend and a rainy Sunday, perhaps I can get some more drawing done. Or some “real” art. Or I could do some massive updating to the book blog to bring joy to my darling Kat.  Or I could camp out with Hulu and catch up on Jon Stewart, who has the audacity to be on TV past my old-man bedtime of 10PM. Or, as usual, I can do none of these things, play Civ all day, and wonder where the time went. If so, it’ll be a good day. Nothing is one of my absolute favorite things to do and something that, being sick aside, I don’t have nearly enough time for.


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