Black Boots.

October 21, 2009

My mama has already begun asking me what I want for Christmas. I suppose this isn’t really too strange seeing as it’s almost the end of October. Geez. Two short shopping months. What on earth am I going to get for *her*? Anyhow, more importantly, I’ve offered to put this blog to some use for “You can order this for me and I’ll totally act surprised” gift ideas.

First! Black boots. My beloved Camper boots are suddenly too tight in the toes. My feets, they have grown. I have a pair of brown boots that I LURVE, and now I need black. Because sometimes, brown just doesn’t do. I most definitely do not want another pair of lined boots – my Campers are fur lined, which means that if the temperature gets above freezing, my calves get sweaty. I’m looking for boots I can still wear in March – though January feels like it lasts forever, the progress of time and the fact that it is not now January seems to indicate otherwise. My other requirement: buckles!

Here are my favorites:

(Clockwise from top left). 1: Dominick by Nine West 2: Oriana by Ralph Lauren

3: Sedona by Harley Davidson 4: Cace by Steven

PS: Size 9 plz, oh secret admirers!


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