November 1, 2009

Welcome to ALL NANNY BLOG ALL THE TIME. Yes, that’s right, I’ve taken all of those articles I’ve read about blogging to heart and decided to really focus on my niche. I can get very scattered, and it’s best for me to just focus my attentions here. Any extraneous blogging I feel compelled to do might get a side Tumblr account or something – just like my business card states, the mission here is “Art. Childcare. Sometimes both.”

So, I’ve come up with a pantsload of new content over the weekend that I’ll be releasing. Some new categories include:

  • Nanny Tested: Reviews of childcare related program activities. I have the perspective of having worked with many families, and thus many products, and have opinions and preferences to share.
  • (Not) For Babies: Thus far, this is a music column, but the intent is anything that’s not labelled *for* children that is nonetheless not only child-friendly, but child-awesome.
  • Jedi-Nanny: Top secret nanny tips. May the force be with you.

I will also be doing my best to post more art – both of my own and art created by “my” kids.



One Response to “Re-Launch!!!”

  1. george Says:

    exciting! I like the new focus… but I’m glad to see you’ll still be doing art stuff here, as well as nanny-ing. I’ve been enjoying your recent doodles.

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