(Not) For Babies: R.E.M. edition

November 3, 2009

Of course, Shiny Happy Monsters IS for babies, the original is just as awesome and just as baby-friendly.

Yeah, this was originally all I was going to say on R.E.M. (I was also saving this for a later time since I just posted a NFB this week), but then there was a great MetaFilter post about some of their perhaps not-so-baby-friendly work and I just have to share more of my absolute favorite band. R.E.M. has touched my life in so many ways and has been the soundtrack to just about every major phase I’ve gone through since my late childhood. When Out of Time came out, my mom bought it on CD (it was one of the first albums that came out after we got a CD player – we were definitely early adopters there) and when I got my own little CD boom box in my room, it was the first CD that belonged to my parents that I stole. So, in tribute, here are some highlights of my favorite songs from my favorite band that I enjoy sharing with kiddos.

Ok, this song isn’t necessarily *for* kids, but it’s just about the best song *about* childhood that I have ever, ever heard. Ever. It grabs my heart right out of my chest whenever I hear it.

Now back to songs that kids themselves will enjoy!


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