Awesome Blossom.

November 6, 2009

[Reykjavík. April 2005.]

Links! To things that are awesome!

  • Katamari Baby Costume: ZOMG.Babies. Katamari. Two great tastes that taste great together.
  • Dollhouse mania! Newport dollhouse by the wonderful & talented Lis Bokt. AND! Modern mini dollhouse. Dollhouses are one of the many reasons I’m dying for kids of my own – because it looks odd when “grown ups” have dollhouses and I’ve got an awesome one in my parents’ attic. I’m just waiting for a kid to foist it on. Even if it’s a boy – he can drive his Hot Wheels through it and it’ll still be a kick ass dollhouse.
  • In that vein… Frank Lloyd Wright Lego kit.
  • Nothing to do with kids, or nannying, or art… but if you watch Mad Men, you really must see Jon Hamm’s John Ham. Holy cow, do I ever love this. And Jon Hamm. But not John Ham.
  • Style Rookie: She’s certainly older than the crowd I hang out with, but Tavi is one hell of an awesome kid.  I wish I had been half that awesome at 13.

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