Jedi Nanny: Teething.

November 6, 2009

In desperation yesterday after a finished ice pop ended in more screaming, I stumbled upon my best idea perhaps ever: I gave Thing 2 an unopened Smooze Popsicle. (Link to a review of the Smooze which describes its actual food properties in a way consistent with my experience.)


As you can see, the Smooze is wedge shaped, which is wicked fun to chew on. We had poor luck with these over the summer because the shape is absolutely not conducive to being pushed up through the end when opened. They are very stubborn and don’t move, and further, small hands have a super hard time with it. Mostly, he would suck/chew on the ends and get the melted popsicle all over himself. So, when I gave him the Smooze yesterday, I imagined he would just chew on it and that would be the end of it.

His teeth are strong enough that he was able to punch a few holes in it while chewing on it, and was able to suck the juice out of it that way. I wasn’t worried about him chewing on the packaging because, as I said, that was pretty the extent of his interaction with it even when I gave it to him as a snack and not a tooth soother. So, he sucked the juice out of it gradually and was totally content to just chew on it…


This provided both of us with an hour free of tooth related screaming. He was really, really happy to just have something cold in his mouth and was actually less frustrated with sucking the juice out than he had been with trying to push up the ice over the summer.

Very, very lucky accident. I had simply been looking in the freezer for anything cold he could chew on, and didn’t find any more ice pops or even a teething ring. Poor guy was having a really hard time and I’m glad that this random solution worked out. I’ll definitely try it again if he has another bad day with his burgeoning teeth.


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