Go! Paint!

November 16, 2009

Here are some of the results from Thing 2’s experiments with the Go Paint markers. They’re a huge hit – he loves them, his parents love that he’s learning to write ON THE PAPER and his brother… covets them. We’ve explained that they’re “Learning Markers” and that Thing 1 doesn’t need to learn, he already knows how to color on the paper, which helps. There’s nothing that can be done about sibling rivalry or Thing 1’s urge to direct all parties as his assistants in art creation (even if it is not *his* art that is being created), but the actual markers are working really well and the rest of the process will continue to get the kinks worked out over time. As you can see, the process currently involves my demonstrating that the marker draws *on the paper* and Thing 2 picks up on his own pretty quickly.

In case you were wondering… yes. The markers *do* bleed through to the other side of the paper.

The two big downsides to the “Learning Marker” genre (this holds true of Crayola’s Color Wonder markers too): #1) You can’t mix colors. #2) The drawings smudge over time.  Here’s the same drawing a day later:


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