Awesome Blossom.

November 20, 2009

I feel compelled to point out that one of my Virgoan quirks is to read the entire archives of every blog that I follow. I am not stalking you, I just… have completist tendencies. I must use every page in a coloring book in consecutive order. I must finish all books I read, even if they suck. I must own each part of a series – if I’m going to buy one, I have to buy them all.

So, the way that this relates to my blogging (and to specifically to Friday’s Awesome Blossom roundup) is that these might not be recent links. And if you’re wondering “How/why are you linking to this thing I wrote two years ago?! Are you mental?!” The answer is… well.. yes.  Enjoy anyway.

(Worcester, MA. August 2007.)

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