End of the day.

November 25, 2009

You may have noticed that my blog posts are always made in the morning. You may have even been observant enough to notice that they’re always timestamped between 645 and 715AM. I am not a great morning person, and this is not when my posts are written, but I like to get business done before I go to work…

Because THIS is what I look like when I come home:

Yep. Nuno started telling me about his day and linguistics and robots, which was all very interesting, and I started falling asleep on his knee. It’s been an especially tiring day for everybody in the work ‘fam since DadBoss was in various stages of around the house and the kiddos could sense a pre-holiday Disturbance in the Force. Holy cow. They were both so wound up by the time mom got home that they were literally running around the yard like banshees. No one napped. Especially not me.

I love my job so much, but I’m so tired and the kids aren’t even mine yet! At the same time, I’m going up to my parents’ for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and what on earth am I going to do without toddlers for FOUR WHOLE DAYS?

Other than nap. Because I’m sure as hell going to nap.


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