Awesome Blossom.

November 27, 2009

(Boston, 2009.)

  • From the archives of Yes & Yes come some excellent tips for traveling with toddlers!
  • I love fashion and I love the style sections of such excellent blogs as Nubbytwiglet and iCiNG, but… I just can’t wear clothes that can’t immediately be thrown in the wash! I can’t wear anything that will expose my “plumber’s area” when I bend down because I spend my whole day bending down! I can’t wear shoes that I can’t run (literally) across a muddy yard in! However, You Look Fab comes to the rescue with some really great pieces about outfits for Moms on the Go. (More links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Dressing for nannies is one step tougher as I can’t wear a tracksuit in the house and then dress up to leave – I either have to wear the tracksuit full time, or be dressed up in the house with the GREAT DANGER of harm befalling my clothes. Still, it is pretty great to see some inspiration on kid-friendly outfits.
  • For my next birthday, I hope someone bakes me an octopus cake.
  • Some thoughts on what IS “art”, anyway? – from the archives of Teach Kids Art.
  • If (Not) For Babies isn’t covering it for you, here’s a great AskMe post about songs for tots.

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