(Not) For Babies: Ring Out Solstice Bells

November 30, 2009

Fun fact: as a kid, I loved Christmas music so much that my parents had to hide my Christmas record (yep! The days of vinyl!) from January to November. I still love Christmas music and have been known not to skip over it if it shows up on my iPod in July. This particular song even gets specifically queued up, even in August.

Since this is a BONUS POST! I’m going to conclude with BONUS GOODNESS! My mama has enjoyed her foray into Tumblr, but found it lacking. Little did I know that she would immediately want to plunge into SRS BLOGGING. I set up an account and gave her a wordpress tutorial over Thanksgiving weekend, and now, she’s broadcasting to the world at MamaPeke. Mark my words: she’s going to have a bigger following than I do.

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