Our Heroine at 7AM. Not half bad.

Red Sonika started as a sort of personal blog, and has taken shape as a full-time Nanny Blog run by full-time Jedi Nanny Sonja Engdahl. When not using the force to stop tantrums in their path, Sonja is an artist with a BA in Cutting Things Up And Gluing Them To Other Things from Hampshire College.  Her main media are collage, photography, and crayon. Though really, she doesn’t have too much time for her own art these days as stoking the creative fires of two young boys full-time makes her pretty much fall asleep as soon as she gets home. And then, she writes in the third person for no apparent reason.

Sonja works as a nanny full-time in Providence, RI for a family with two boys, ages 4 and almost 2. Her area of expertise is with toddlers and preschoolers (ages 18mos – 5 yrs) and many of her favorite people have yet to enter kindergarten. She used to teach preschool (4 yr olds), but found that nannying is a better fit for her personally – mostly due to the difficulty of maintaining 18 parent relationships at a time. She tips her hat to all the preschool teachers out there, who are totally awesome.

Our Heroine was an awfully adorable child.

Red Sonika is updated M-F at 7AM. No, our beloved author is not a crazy person who gets up at 5AM to write blog posts, she writes them and hoards them and then doles them out lovingly, like cookies. She then hits “post” on her way to work in the morning and this system works out well. She’s found that no one reads on the weekends much, and it’s a great time to write and hoard posts for the week, so weekend posts may happen, but they’re not scheduled as such.

Wensleydale Wednesdays happen every Wednesday and the Awesome Blossom links smorgasbord is posted every Friday, in case you’ve forgotten what day it is and need a little reminder. Why Wensleydale Wednesdays? Well, having no actual human children, our beloved author feels compelled to share photos of her furry baby and having one day a week set aside for this keeps the blog from becoming crazy cat-lady land. Also: it’s whimsical, and our beloved author adores whimsy.

The Jedi Nanny column contains tips and tricks for childcare workers who would like to strengthen the force within themselves. (Not) For Babies is a music column highlighting songs that while not marketed towards kids, are nonetheless not only kid-friendly, but in many cases, kid-awesome. Nanny Tested highlights products that our beloved author has used and may or may not recommend.

Other categories exist from the blog’s evolution. Think of them as Neanderthal or troglodyte columns and observe them in archaeological awe.

Our Heroine at 5PM. Ready for an exciting evening of crossword puzzles and an obscenely early bedtime.


One Response to “About”

  1. Amy Rogalski Says:

    Hi there!

    Someone else pointed me in the direction of your blog (specifically the post where you highlighted some baby nurseries as see on OhDeeDoh). I am a local photographer (live in Cranston) and I am running a Cool Nursery contest. There are actually 20 of us across the country who put it all together but I am the RI / South Shore of MA photographer participating. I wanted to let you know about it in case you knew people that had cool nurseries that might want to enter! 🙂

    Basically we are looking for 5-11 month old babies, ones who will be sitting but not walking at the time the shoot is held. Winner gets a free session and a mini print package featuring their baby and room. Then there are second and third place prizes as well.

    I am not sure if anyone comes to mind to enter but if they do, please pass the information along! 🙂

    The original blog post can be seen here:

    Thanks so much!

    -Amy Rogalski
    Amy Ro photography

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